People Management

People Management

We believe that the human capital of companies is their greatest asset, so we focus on developing the technical and behavioral skills of the teams of clients with whom we work. Sal Capitais specializes in transversal and multidisciplinary talent development projects that, based on improving the performance of its teams, will leverage your company’s results in a gradual and sustained manner.

Our teams of management consultants, psychologists, engineers and trainers implement people management and professional training projects that include the diagnosis, implementation and follow-up of the process of developing the competencies applied in the function performed.

People Management
What services do we offer?
  • Management and Strategic Leadership of people;
  • Training and management of skills;
  • Outsourcing of management procedures.
Specialization areas

Aware of the specificity of your business, we develop projects and training plans tailored to your needs, namely:

  • Management systems: Quality, Safety and Environment;
  • Corporate Responsibility;
  • Security and Data Protection;
  • Digital Economy;
  • Customer service;
  • Internal Audits;
  • Development of food products;
  • FSSC;
  • IFS;
  • HACCP;
  • ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction.
Other complementary services:
  • Preparation, implementation and audits of quality management systems (ISO 9001: 2015), Safety (ISO 28000), Environment (ISO 14001) and Social Responsibility (SA 8000 C);
  • Development and implementation of IT tools;
  • Financial audit;
  • Tax, accounting and financial advisory.