Processes, Operations and Engineering

Processes, Operations and Engineering

The main value we add is to provide solutions tailored to the needs of our customers. We do it through close contact, with multidisciplinary teams, achieving excellent results.

We know the problems of our clients and we are involved in their resolution, with the flexibility required to work according to the needs of each company, depending on their daily routine, guiding the improvement of teams through advanced methodologies.

Specialization areas

We design optimization projects by identifying and prioritizing the areas where we intervene: cost reduction, process reengineering, continuous improvement projects, etc.

1- Improved productivity and profitability

Through the use of lean methodology, we help organizations identify systematically reduce and waste (consumption of resources without production of value). In this scope, the sectors in which we have more experience are: Food Industry, Automotive, Hospitality, Health and Logistics.

To support productivity improvement, we analyze where there are opportunities to act: either to maximize revenues, or to suppress sources of waste of time and money.

2- Standards and Management Systems

We help organizations to improve their management by implementing internationally recognized management models and standards (ISO 9001, 14001, 18001, among others) to provide an integrated view of the business and to implement a control culture and continuous process improvement.

Supply Chain

The Supply chain management includes all activities, from the supplier to the customer service, through purchases, procurement and inventory. All this so that your search will never go unanswered. Managing stocks based on accurate forecasts is the key to our success. All our logistics management must ensure the continuous supply of materials, goods or services, ensuring the level of service at the lowest possible cost.