Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance

Sal Capitais is a leading company providing financial advisory services and corporate operations. We support the operations related to the sale of companies and businesses, in all its aspects, financial, accounting and tax.


Sal Capitais is a leading company in the field of corporate finance. We have a multidisciplinary team highly specialized in mergers and acquisitions, operational and financial restructuring, company valuation, investor research, etc.


Our work begins with identifying the needs of our customers. This is followed by an analysis of the company’s reality, the study of its sector and strategic planning, identifying opportunities for investment and / or divestment. We continue to support you during the negotiation and finalization of the transaction.

Strategic support

We support companies with the highest degree of professional commitment, always aware of the strategic importance of corporate decisions. We guarantee absolute secrecy and discretion in the processes in which we participate. Our professionals in the corporate area have the experience and knowledge that this service requires.

Corporate Finance