Why Sal Capitais

Why Sal Capitais

Our reason for being transcends the existing business relationship between a customer and a service provider. The will to envision, plan and grow with you, makes Capitals Sal a strategic partner for the success of your business.

Our Mission:

Sal Capitais is a consulting firm with multidisciplinary services, whose objective is to contribute to the sustainable development of society, organizations and individuals.

Our Values:

We work closely with our customers.

We are guided by the need to be close to the customer, providing a flexible and proactive interaction. We offer our commitment to make your business our top priority.


We demand of ourselves excellence in everything we set out to accomplish. The experience and training of our professionals, as well as the methodology used, allows us to achieve the quality that justifies our position in the market.


Sal Capitais is a company that innovates in providing services, improving processes and implementing state-of-the-art technologies.

We know that the world is constantly changing and we follow its evolution.

Professional ethics

All our actions are presided over by objectivity, independent judgment and confidentiality. Our code of conduct represents a commitment to the guarantee of honesty that is part of our culture.

Multidisciplinarity and specialization

We know about the growing complexity of the world business and its global nature. In this sense, Sal Capitais has teams specialized in various economic sectors and types of organizations, focused on solving problems with a multidisciplinary perspective: legal, fiscal, financial, organizational, human resources, etc.

Create value

Our customers do not “buy working hours”, what they are looking for are solutions.

In this way, they share with us the added value that we are able to generate.