External Financing

External Financing

We support your international trade transactions.

Do you have several commercial transactions in the scope of international trade? External Financing may be the solution.

  • We advise to have credit through our allies abroad, a favorable payment method in cross-border trade

Do you want to have a form of settlement that allows you to reduce the commercial and financial risk inherent in your foreign operations? International Collections may be the solution.

In a Documentary Collection, the supplier (authorizing officer) gives specific instructions to his bank to deliver the documents to the importer (drawee) against payment in cash or accepted for payment at an agreed future date.

The following types of documents may be submitted;

Commercial – Invoice, Shipping Bill of Lading (AWB), Shipping Receiver (FCR), Truck Driver’s Guide (CMR), Insurance Policy / Certificate, Packing List, Weight Note, Certificate of Approval Origin, among others;

  • Financial – Letters, Promissory Notes, Checks, among others.


For the exporter

When there is confidence in the ability and punctuality of the importer to honor his commitments, he allows;

  • Facilitate access to bank financing, there is documentation proving the supply of goods / services;
  • Lower costs than those caused by the use of Documentary Credit;
  • Minimize credit risk;
  • Reduce the time for receiving funds.

For the importer

When the importer is able to assess the punctuality of the exporter in terms of the shipment of the merchandise / service, it allows;

  • Lower costs than those caused by the use of Documentary Credit;
  • Minimize the risk of non-compliance with contractual obligations assumed by the exporter.